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Issue: March 2011 Volume 2 Number 1

Paper Title: Profitability Performance and the Role of Manufacturing Cost: Evidence from a Panel of US Manufacturing Firms
Author: Nicholas Apergis, Steven Johnson and John Sorros
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Paper Title: Adoption of International Accounting Standards in Thailand: Influence on Decision Making of Individual Shareholders
Author: Chutiya Kanthapanit, Stella Sofocleous and Colin Clark
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Paper Title: Stock Market Reaction towards Capital Expenditure Announcements: Malaysia Case for Servicing and Manufacturing Industry
Author: Lynn, Ling Yew Hua and Junaid M. Shaikh
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Paper Title: Corporate Tax Audits: Evidence from Malaysia
Author: Khadijah Isa and Jeff Pope
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Paper Title: Proposing Work-Environment Inhibitors to Informal Work-Place Learning Amongst Malaysian Accountants
Author: Muhammad Syahir bin Abdul Wahab and Mohamad Hisyam bin Selamat
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