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Issue: September 2011 Volume 2 Number 2

Paper Title: How Does the Distinction between Errors and Irregularities Impact Audit Risk? Evidence from Restatement
Author: Hanmei Chen, Mei Zhang and Haibin Ling
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Paper Title: The Relationship between Exchange Rate Uncertainty and Investment in Some Sub-Saharan African Countries
Author: Safdari Mahdi and Soleymani Masood
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Paper Title: Accounting Returns, Investment Decisions, and the Movie Industry
Author: Wayne J. McMullen* and Raj Varma
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Paper Title: Capital Investment Practices: A Survey of Large Corporations in a Developing Market:
Author: Hassan Mounir El-Sady, Hosny Ibrahim Hamdy and Vasilya Sultanova
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Paper Title: How Does Ownership Structure Effect Capital Structure and Firms Performance´╝čEvidence from Taiwan
Author: Ming-Chang Cheng and Zuwei-Ching Tzeng
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